Since 1880

In the beautiful Caxixe Valley, our families have been living and working side by side for six generations.

Our great great grandparents travelled to Brazil from Italy in 1880 and even now, so many years later, the coffee trees that flourish on our land are descended from the original plantings our ancestors made here.

We believe it’s our Brazilian vitality and authenticity coupled with this heritage of Italian quality that makes our coffee so good.

Our Coffee

Our farms sit at an altitude of 850-1200 meters (2787-3937 ft). We harvest from June-October with selective hand picking and we use pulped natural processing.

We grow Red Catuai, Yellow Catuai and Catuai 181. Our beans have SCAA scores between 82-91 points. Naturally each bean type varies but the overall profile of our coffee is a juicy, smooth, creamy body and citric, balanced acidity. The flavor is a spicy fruit punch with chocolate, caramel, green apple, blackcurrant and toffee aromas.

Buy Direct

We all know that the global market is complex. Our goal as the people growing the beans is to build direct connections with the people importing and roasting them around the world so we can make the process easier and more prosperous for us all.

We sell and ship directly to importers and roasters. If you’d like to hear more about Espirito 1880 or you’re interested in sampling or purchasing our beans, please contact us. We speak English, Portuguese and Spanish fluently.